Kristin has always been active with swimming and biking but didn’t start running until several years ago while participating in Plan for Adventure gym. She describes herself as a middle to back of the pack runner. “My goal is always to finish and improve, never to win.” Since starting to run Kristin has run many 5K’s, several half marathons including the Mount Rushmore Half, and the Chicago Marathon. Kristin was honored to be asked to take over Spring Chaser. “I love downtown Rock Island and the race has always been fun. A lot of people were disappointed when it went away and I’m excited to bring it back.” She encourages runners of all speeds to come experience Spring Chaser this year!


Jess has been a runner since high school. She is active in various running groups, including QC Hash House Harriers, QC Trail and Ultra Runners, and Cornbelt. “I have met most of my favorite people through running, including my husband.” She loves to plan events and run, so becoming a race director was an easy decision when asked. “I’ve ran and volunteered at Spring Chaser for years. I’m excited to be part of bringing back this classic 5K to the Quad Cities!” She hopes to see veteran runners and newbies crossing the finish line in April.